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When a biker unknowingly picked on a giant heavyweight boxer

In a dramatic bar room confrontation that unfolded like a scene from the popular series ‘Sons Of Anarchy,’ two men engaged in a heated exchange, leaving one of them hospitalized.

A timeline of flight that crashed after losing contact, prompting military to scramble fighter jets

Investigators in Virginia say a plane that crashed on Sunday after becoming unresponsive is "no longer distinguishable as an aircraft." They also say the plane was not required to have

Cuba Gooding Jr. Settles Civil Sexual Abuse Case

Watch: Cuba Gooding Jr. Brings Major Emotion to "O.J." Role. Cuba Gooding Jr.'s court case has come to an end. On June 6, the same day...

Crews tackle fire in Glasgow’s east end

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service crews are tackling a blaze in the east end of Glasgow. Police...

Two Browns players robbed at gunpoint, Cleveland police say

Two Cleveland Browns defensive players were robbed at gunpoint when leaving a nightclub Monday night, according to police. Police redacted the players’ names from their report....

MMIP Red Dress Installation Vandalized in Alaska

A Missing and Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP) installation in Alaska was vandalized late last month, a local radio station reported. The installation was created by the...

No arrest days after Black mom shot dead through front door of white neighbor who allegedly called her kids ‘slaves’

A Black 35-year-old single mother of four was shot dead in front of her 9-year-old son by her white neighbor in Florida last week in what local authorities say was

Car Dealer Just Barely Avoided Prison After Clocking $375,000 Worth Of Cars

Clocking cars, or the act of rolling back a vehicle’s odometer to make it seem as if it has less miles than it really does, is...

Calif. Girl, 17, Dies in Crash Coming Home from Boyfriend’s Graduation: ‘She Had a Bright Future’

California Highway Patrol said three teens were traveling in a Nissan Titan when a GMC Sierra hit their...

DHS Launches Major Effort To Stem Human Trafficking In Indigenous Communities

The agency is partnering with the National Indian Gaming Commission to train workers to detect and report the crime, which heavily impacts Native women.

No charges for FBI agent who shot Troy Bullock during Metro Center fight in 2022

WASHINGTON — An FBI agent who shot a man during a fight, causing people to run from a Metro Center train platform, will not face charges...

Yellowstone Tourist Facing Legal Trouble After Harassing Bears on Video

A tourist at Yellowstone National Park could find himself in jail, and it's all because of some videos of him running up to bears ... which park officials say is

Cuba Gooding Jr. Settles Federal Rape Case, Evading Trial

Cuba Gooding Jr. plead guilty to a single forcible touching charge last year that stemmed from a series of unrequited kisses. However, he was set to face trial on Tuesday

Mother Freed From Prison After 20 Years For Alleged Murder of Her Four Children

In a remarkable turn of events, Australian woman Kathleen Folbigg, who had been imprisoned for 20 years, was eventually freed on Monday. New scientific data that supported her assertions that

Robert Kennedy assassination: Who is Sirhan Sirhan, the man who killed RFK?

Robert Kennedy was shot and killed as he ran for president in 1968. Sirhan Sirhan was convicted of his murder.

Pilot of unresponsive plane seen slumped over: reports

The pilot of the unresponsive plane that sparked a military response after it flew into unauthorized airspace was seen slumped over by a fighter jet pilot, the Washington Post reports.

‘You’ve got just seconds’: Flight instructor breaks down what could have happened in crash

MANASSAS, Va. (7News) — Many of you have questions after learning about the moments before a plane crashed in southwest Virginia when F-16 fighter jets were...

Rowdy passenger dragged off Southwest Airlines flight leaving New Orleans

A rowdy and allegedly drunk passenger was arrested and dragged off a Southwest Airlines plane from New Orleans as annoyed travelers cheered in a bizarre moment caught on cell phone

Pilot of unresponsive private jet that crashed and killed 4 was seen slumped over, source says

(CNN) — The pilot of the unresponsive private jet that triggered an interception by supersonic military fighter jets protecting Washington, DC, was observed slumped over in...

Teenager calmly drops his bag before unleashing martial arts skills on a bully

By learning how to use their bodies effectively and efficiently, teens who study martial arts can learn how to subdue attackers without causing lasting harm, reducing the risk of serious

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